Moving Mountains Together
EUSALP Youth Camp 2020

EUSALP Youth Camp 2020
Moving Mountains Together

Context information

Thanks to the the idea of the youth.shaping.EUSALP workshop participants, the first EUSALP Youth Camp will take place during the French presidency, in summer 2020 in Jura.

Why this camp? 

In this period of global change, youth are key in the decision making process. There is a real eagerness from the younger generations to get involved for their future and for that they need opportunities to participate.

In many situations of youth participation, we observe that many young people consider to not have enough time during the year to participate in a project because of their studies, work and other activities. We believe that summertime is a free period for many of them and a summer program can be the perfect solution for both goals by making the youth participate and finding summer activities for their holidays. 

What is it? 

EUSALP is implemented by nine Action Groups under three action-oriented pillars and one cross-cutting policy. The EUSALP Youth Camp will permit the young participants to discuss and bring ideas to the objectives of the EUSALP global strategy thanks to an unequalled project based on reflection and debate.

The idea is to create an active citizenship program that is framed by an educational project with social common values, shared governance, language exploration and recreational mountain activities. This alpine citizenship program allows youth to explore new horizons in a « living lab » environment based on spreading an alpine consciousness on the EUSALP objectives and the opportunities given to the youth to be part of it.

Ort: Wildermieming

What are the aims? 

When youth join our EUSALP Youth Camp, they are part of a stimulating integrative group experience. Through this, they will have the unique opportunity to discover new tools on how to act democratically and legitimately in their everyday environment. They will gain new tips on how to communicate, decide, debate and share ideas while working with one another despite language or cultural differences. 

Our goal is to provide workshops on ideas of general interest such as: solidarity, climate change, mobility, education, sustainable economic growth and innovation. Through this program, youth will gain a better understanding of the various issues and will propose ideas, opinions and solutions. 

Who can participate? 

This project targets young people from 18 to 25 years old, living in the alpine region.  Since the participants will be coming from various different countries with different languages and cultural backgrounds, they will be placed in mixed groups in order to better collaborate and engage in a more comprehensive environment. 

As an active citizen, this camp gives you the chance to better understand the global issues happening in the Alps in which you are living.