La maison du montagnon, Chapelle-des-Bois, JURA
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Moving mountains together

In this period of global change, youth are key in the decision making process. There is a real eagerness from the younger generations to get involved for their future and for that they need opportunities to participate.

During the Moving Mountains Together Camp 35 individuals between 18 and 25, coming from each Alpine country, will get together to reflect on how they can include their expertise in the future activities of EUSALP. This international experience will allow the youth to meet, exchange and recommend actions as well as discover nature, mountains, cultures, languages and opportunities.

The camp will offer workshops on ideas of general interest such as: solidarity, climate change, mobility, sustainable economy and Alpine ressources. These workshops will be integrated with outdoor activities, meetings with local partners and interactive debates.

All of this to move mountains together!

The camp Schedule
The first Moving Mountains Together camp will be held from the 23rd to the 29th of August 2020
  • Welcome to Chapelle-des-bois

    All day long the young participants will arrive from the 7 Alpine countries and take place in the Maison de montagnon.
    They will have enough time to acclimate to the beautiful scenary around them and to meet for the first time.

    2020-08-23 10:30
  • "Break the ice" evening

    We must focus on how to communicate and facilitate the team work in a multi-language group with a public who’s still in a language-learning process. This will be very challenging and this "break the ice" evening will be a beginning. Our first objective will be to raise the feeling of being understood and to understand in a foreign language to trigger a certain ease of taking part in a debate in an international group. We believe that the first step of a learning process is to take a certain pleasure to practice and to learn.

    We will organise games in all the 4 alpine languages and start learning a bit more of each group member language.

    2020-08-23 20:00
  • Morning coffee

    A coffe to wake up!

    2020-08-24 08:30
  • Meeting with the farmer

    Visit of 3 different farms to see the milking process and to discuss about the EU agriculture policy.

    2020-08-24 9.00
  • Lunch break

    Let's eat some local products all together.

    2020-08-24 12:30
  • The transformation process

    After the morning visit, it's time to discover how the milk is transformed in a factory, to create the cheese. This will be the moment to discuss the topics of economic development, labour market education and training.

    2020-08-24 13:00
  • Outdoor camp night

    In the evening, the group will camp outdoors, enjoy the nature and share their stories around a campfire.

    2020-08-24 19:30
  • Morning coffee

    A coffee to wake up !

    2020-08-25 8.00
  • Visit of a cheese cellar

    To end this journey from the meadows to the markets we will visit the last step of the cheese fabrication. The cheese cellar of Conté.

    2020-08-25 10:00
  • Lunch break

    Let's eat some international dishes all together.

    2020-08-25 12:30
  • Workshop 1 : Let's talk about Youth.shaping.EUSALP

    During this first workshop we will talk about the European Union strategy for the Alpine region throught the eyes of young citizens living in this area.

    2020-08-25 13:30
  • Pitch your project Evening

    Pitch your project competition is a great opportunity to develop your ideas. This evening activity will help the participants to prepare for the next edition.

    2020-08-25 19:00
  • Coffee by the lake

    A coffee by the lake!

    2020-08-26 08:30
  • Visit of the Olympic Museum

    Let's get inspired by the Olympic spirit!

    2020-08-26 10:00
  • Lunch break by the lake

    Let's share our home dishes!

    2020-08-26 12:30
  • Sunbath at the lake

    Let's jump in the lake and bathe under the sun.

    2020-08-26 13:30
  • International quiz evening

    The 7 Alpine countries will be introduce to the group during a quiz night.

    2020-08-26 20:00
  • Morning coffee

    A coffee to wake up!

    2020-08-27 08:30
  • Workshop 2: Humans and natural areas

    Working in a peat bog in collaboration with Haut-Jura Natural park the group will help to preserve a peat bog area.

    2020-08-27 09:00
  • Lunch break

    Let's eat together!

    2020-08-27 12:30
  • Outdoor activities: Enjoy the mountains

    Mountains are a perfect playground for many locals and tourists who need to escape. This is also a wonderful natural area shared between humans and wildlife. The group will have a choice of different outdoor activities and enjoy the mountains while thinking about important topics of the EUSALP.

    2020-08-27 13:30
  • International cooking evening

    Once again our 35 international chefs will prepare dishes for the next day.

    2020-08-27 20:00
  • Morning coffee

    A coffee to wake up!

    2020-08-28 08:30
  • Meeting for tomorrow #1

    It's time to open our doors and share a day with local stakeholders and young people. Together we will keep our word by moving mountains for tomorrow.

    2020-08-28 09:30
  • International lunch

    During this international lunch together the participants will share their dishes from their own countries.

    2020-08-28 13:00
  • Meeting for tomorrow #2

    Ideas will grow and together the participants will commit to keep working on them tomorrow.

    2020-08-28 14:00
  • Time to pack !

    It's now time to pack your stuff and get ready for the party!

    2020-08-28 18:00
  • Farewell evening

    We couldn't say goodbye without a last party all together.

    2020-08-28 20:00
  • Morning Coffee

    Last morning coffee to wake up!

    2020-08-29 08:30
  • Workshop 5: And what's next?

    Now it's time to prepare what will happen afer the Moving mountains together Camp. During this workshop the youth will try to figure out how they will be able to stay active in the EUSALP.

    2020-08-29 09:30
  • Travel back home

    Travel safe and see you soon! We will see each other soon !

    Eusalp 2020 Youth
    2020-08-29 12:00
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