Leila Izard

Half Colombian, half Swiss, I spent my childhood following my father around the world on ICRC missions : I think that’s where my passion for all things international started ! Very touched and saddened by the poverty I saw abroad, my dream today is to work on humanitarian and development projects, for example the ones coordinated by Switzerland DFAE.

At twelve years old, my family finally settled down in Switzerland, in the small town of Vevey. I feel very deeply connected to this town, where I really feel at home. My father, a very active nature-sport-mountain guy, took me and my brother hiking, biking, skiing, camping, swimming every weekend in all four corners of Switzerland.

I first heard about EUSALP a few days ago, when a girl in my comparative politics seminar told us about how she was in the Youth Council last year and what an amazing experience it was. I was immediately super eager to learn more and apply. I love the idea of meeting young people from the whole alpine region, exchanging different ideas and perspectives on issues we all have in common. I can only imagine the amazing discussions the group has and would be honoured to be a part in it !

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