A dynamic youth for the next event of the EUSALP’s French presidency

The organization of the events planned in the program of the EUSALP French Presidency, requires a lot of flexibility and creativity. Following the evolution of the organisation of the next meeting, which is about “adapting ski resorts to climate change: the experience sharing of “Métabief – Jura’s Region Mountains”, we are happy to see that the action with the youth is concrete and maintains a good dynamic.

  • The first step of this involvement of young people, takes place this week with 2 design fiction workshops gathering about 10 young people (coming from a Tourism training course in Pontarlier, Young Farmers and local outdoor clubs); the young people will thus contribute to build development scenarios.
  • The second stage concerns the meetings of March 16 and 17 in Métabief (FR) thanks to the participation of young people at the place of the event as well as online.

In the field we will be able to count on the presence of young athletes and young people in technical apprenticeships to promote mountain trades and outdoor activities. At the same time, 12 students from the Tourism program will participate online from the training center.

And that’s not all!

These students are highly motivated and want a follow-up to this event, which is in line with their academic background, but above all with their vision of a more sustainable and responsible mountain for future generations.
This is why the third step is to build something after the event. For the moment, discussions are underway between the teachers and the students in tourism training. With a first deadline in April 2021, the group of students will work in the classroom on the minutes of the meetings to organize a “field survey” in Métabief. Finally, starting May 11th, they will come to Métabief to meet the socio-professionals of the mountain resort to carry out this survey.

All this concrete and interesting dynamic on many points will surely allow to “federate” other young people sharing the same passion for the mountains. This allows us to imagine a more “European” continuation and to make the young participants of this meeting meet with young Europeans from the Alpine region.

It is with great enthusiasm that we will contribute to link the activities of youth.shaping.EUSALP with the dynamic local youth initiated thanks to EUSALP.