About Pitch your project

Pitch your project 2021

Do you want to play an active role in shaping the Alpine Region?

Do you have good ideas that you would like to implement together with the EU?

Do you want to exchange ideas with young people from the entire Alpine Region?

Are you between 16 and 25 years old?


Join “PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2021” and submit your project idea by October 31st !

PITCH YOUR PROJECT is your chance:

…to present your project idea to a broad audience of Alpine-enthusiastic experts and decision-makers,

… to exchange ideas on the Alpine Region with like-minded people,

… to win money for the implementation of your project idea,

… to get support for the implementation of your idea,

… and thus to shape the Alpine Region of the future!


This year you can submit your project ideas on 4 topics that correspond to the work and issues of EUSALP.

  • Living in the Alpine Region
  • - How can we pass on traditional mountain knowledge to preserve it? How can we preserve and revive alpine traditions and languages?
  • - How can we develop citizens' participation in the concerns of their Alpine territory?
  • Being active in the Alpine Region
  • - How can we use mountain sports to promote well-being and health in the Alpine Region?
  • - How can we make the Alpine region more inclusive and attractive thanks to an ecologically sustainable 4-season tourism?
  • Innovating the Alpine Region
  • - How can we make the Alpine Region more inclusive and attractive thanks to digital technology?
  • - How can we adapt the educational offer to the challenges of the Alpine Region and the needs of young people and the labor market?
  • - How can we create an innovative economic and environmental ecosystem that is attractive to young people?
  • Protecting the Alpine Region
  • - How can we make water and waste management more sustainable? What are the opportunities of the circular economy to create new models of production and consumption?
  • - How can we preserve the unique biodiversity of the Alpine area?


“PITCH YOUR PROJECT” is a competition for young people between 16 and 25 years old. As experts of your living space, the Alpine Region, you are invited to submit your project ideas for a sustainable development of the Alpine Region individually or as a group.

Under the motto “shaping.future.together.”, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) is looking for your ideas to make the Alpine Region fit for the future.

A jury will select the top 5 projects from all submitted projects. The jury will base its selection on the criteria of relevance, feasibility and innovation potential. The five applicants or group applicants selected by the jury will have the opportunity to present their project, in English, in a five-minute pitch at the EUSALP Annual Forum in December 2021, the main event of the EUSALP year. The finalists will receive support in preparing their pitch and learn how to create a short, appealing and informative presentation. The audience will then vote directly on the five projects. The three best projects will receive prize money from the European Union for the further implementation of their projects:

  • 5,000 euros for the 1st prize
  • 3,000 Euro for the 2nd prize
  • 2,000 Euro for the 3rd prize

In addition, the winners will be mentored by experts involved in the EUSALP, who will help them implement their project ideas.

PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2021 is financed and organized by the European Commission and the Land Tirol and supported by the French EUSALP Presidency 2021.

European Commission         Land tyrol          French presidency EUSALP



1) Your project deals with one of the main topics (topics will be published with call for applications)

2) The project is ready for implementation

3) You are between 16 and 25 years old and a citizen of one of the 7 Alpine countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia or Liechtenstein or have your residence in one of these states

4) You apply as an individual or as a group with up to three group leaders

5) Your application is submitted in writing and in English by 23:59 on October 31st 2021 in the form of a pdf file (max. 5 MB) with the reference number pitch-application to contact@eusalp-youth.eu


1) Online application form (available from June 2021)

2) Project proposal (3-5 pages) with the following contents:


Why are we launching this project? (Motivation)

What do we want to achieve with the project? (Objective)

Why is this project important for the Alpine Region? (Relevance)

What are the difficulties and opportunities in implementing the project?

Task plan, timetable, materials required, financial and human resources

3) Curriculum vitae of the participant or group leader(s)

4) Expert opinion from a project supporter (teacher, professor, youth group leader, institution, etc.)


The following projects are not permitted:

– projects submitted by persons working for the European institutions or within the framework of EUSALP
– scientific theses and publications
– projects already financed by EU funds
– projects that have already received a prize awarded by a European institution
– projects submitted manually or by post, incompletely or in multiple parts
– projects not submitted in English.