Winners 2020

Competition 2020

At the French presidency 2020 Annual Forum, which took place online, the five young finalists of PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2020 presented their ideas thanks to videos.

The online audience chose the three winners:

  • 1. “Terra preta in the middle of the Alps“. A school class from the Austrian region Tyrol want to show how locally produced biochar reduces CO2 in the atmosphere. To do so, they want to produce biochar themselves and use it to grow their own vegetables and herbs. At the same time, they want to calculate to what extent the CO2 pollution they cause can be offset by the use of biochar.
  • 2. “100% Alps” is a project in which two Italian students want to develop a modular vending machine that promotes short, local food supply chains in the Alpine region. Local producers should thus reach a larger target group, while users receive fresh and high-quality regional products.
  • 3. ``Bergsohle`` is a project initiated by a 23-year-old carpenter from South Tyrol. Jonas Gruber wants to use his manual skills and theoretical knowledge of the natural resources of the Alpine region to create an ecological sole.

The prizes were handed over by Normunds Popens from the European Commission.
PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2020 was organized by the European Commission, the Land Tirol and the French EUSALP Presidency as part of “youth.shaping.EUSALP”.