If you missed the finale of Pitch Your Project 2023

Pitch Your Project 2023

The finale of the Pitch Your Project 2023 competition was a great success for the European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). Here is a summary of the two days of the final event.

The finale took place on Tuesday, November 21 2023, at the headquarters of the Grand Est region. More than 60 people participated in person at the event.

The event kicked off with two roundtable discussions on topics that are important to us. The first roundtable focused on the skills of young people and the European Year of Skills. The second one addressed youth participation and the recognition of their involvement. We can say that the discussions were interesting because we made sure to involve the audience to the fullest. From the beginning, questions were posed to the audience to capture their attention. Then, the speakers had 2 minutes to introduce their ideas to the audience. After the four presentations, the audience was encouraged to discuss with their neighbors to debrief on the topic. Finally, questions arising from these discussions could be posed to the speakers.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the pitches of the 5 finalists of the PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2023 competition.

Each project had 3 minutes to convince the audience. The young individuals aged 16 to 25 showed great skill in presenting their projects. At the end of each presentation, they had the opportunity to answer questions from the audience. All presentations were in English, representing a real challenge. We can truly congratulate them for their hard work and courage.

At the end of the presentations, the audience had the chance to vote for their favorite project. Each audience member could give one vote to a project. We had 65 voters, and here is the final ranking for the 2023 edition of the competition:

1st – The Trash to Treasure project, from Slovenia, revolutionizes the Alpine regions by promoting a circular economy and sustainable collaborations among craftsmen, farmers, and local communities.

2nd – The Circonference on Climate project , from France, is composed of 10 young artists who created a poignant, poetic show to share a subject that concerns them: global warming.

3rd – The CO2 Reduction Ascent project , from France, is a jewel that makes the invisible visible and quantifiable by mechanically quantify the CO2 emissions of the person wearing it.

Congratulations to the other finalists :

4th – The CRCL project , from Italy, wants to move away from mass tourism and the commercialization of the mountains, by creating a clothing line specifically for young people. The project seeks to instill in them an appreciation for the values associated with going to the mountains: simplicity, sharing, and effort.

5th – The POST ALPE project, from Italy, seeks to rejuvenate fading traditional rural practices within alpine communities. It repositions manual labor as a collective endeavor and fosters community participation. Central to the project are intergenerational co-design workshops that reintegrate crafts into society through engagement with public spaces.

This Pitch Your Project Competition final event was financed by the Region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and organized in the framework of the Support EUSALP project. Thank you to the Region Grand Est for their important support.