EUSALP Annual Forum 2021

You can now register for the EUSALP 2021 French Presidency’s Annual Forum

The EUSALP Annual Forum is the major event of a Presidency of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region. On this day all actors involved in the implementation of EUSALP come together and exchange ideas.

This year the event will take place in Nice, France. It will be an opportunity to exchange on the themes of the French Presidency and to prepare the next milestones together, between countries as well as between generations.

You can participate in various workshops and discussions and help decide the winners of “Pitch Your Project 2021”. Therefore we warmly invite you to register to this big occasion to immerge in the European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region activities.

Don’t miss the final of Pitch Your Project 2021

This year the final of the competition is planned to take place as part of a physical event. The 5 finalists will pitch their projects on stage in front of the EUSALP’s representatives. 

At the end of these presentations, the audience will be invited to vote for the 3 best ideas. Afterwards, 3 projects among the 5 finalists will be rewarded by the votes and win prize money of 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 euros to implement their project ideas. In addition, the winners will receive practical support from EUSALP experts in the implementation process and also be able to connect with other participants across the EUSALP countries.

The final of the Pitch Your Project competition will take place on Tuesday, December 14th from 4:50 pm to 6:00 pm. It is also possible to virtually participate in the event, which will give even more visibility to the projects that will be pitched and moreover a greater accessibilty to young people who wish to join the competition in future editions.

The “Pitch Your Project” competition is organized for the fourth time in 2021 by the European Commission and the Tyrol with the support of the French EUSALP presidency. The goal is to involve young people and their ideas more strongly in the sustainable development of the Alpine region. “Pitch Your Project” is part of the initiative “youth.shaping.EUSALP” , which is promoting the involvement of the youth in the EUSALP.

Take part in a workshop for the promotion of a network of local youth initiatives

The EUSALP Youth Council invites everyone who is interested to participate in its workshop at the EUSALP Annual Forum on Wednesday, December 15th from 9:45 am to 10:45 am.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce and promote the idea of a network of local youth initiatives. For this purpose we will discuss how youth participation in political decision-making can look like, define best practices for youth involvements and gather expectations for the future network of youth initiatives.

The registration for the workshop, that is currently also scheduled to be in person, is now open for everyone who is interested in participating.