Future Workshop #1 / Jobs of the future in the Alps

The European Commission adopted its Strategic Foresight Report “The EU’s capacity and freedom to act. This Communication presents a forward-looking and multidisciplinary perspective on the EU’s open strategic autonomy in an increasingly multipolar and contested
global order. Changes in climate, digital technologies and geopolitics are having a profound effect on the lives of Europeans. These transformations are taking place at all levels, from grassroots politics to global power structures. President von der Leyen has mandated
Vice-President Šefčovičto lead the Commission’s efforts to embed strategic foresight into its work. To support the transitions to a green, digital and fairer Europe, the Commission is strengthening its culture of preparedness and evidence-based anticipatory policy-makingThe EUSALP Italian Presidency will give the opportunity to the YC and other youth organizations of the Alpine regions to participate in 3 “future workshops”:

Jobs of the future in the Alps Digitalisation and hyperconnectivity, new generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing the forms of employment, career models, and organizational structures. Automation and other advancements in technology have the potential to substitute both routine and cognitive tasks, while increasing the need for new skills and creating unprecedented opportunities. What are the trends that might influence the jobs of the future in the Alps?

AG3 Event on education and labour market in the Alps (Milano), 8 April 2022

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    2022-04-08 08:00
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    2022-04-08 19:00
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