Future workshop #3/ Integrated local development

A future order in the Alps Integrated local development (YC + other Youth organizations of the EUSALP area) Europe’s level of urbanization is expected to increase to approximately 83.7% in 2050. The migration of population to cities is one
of the factors driving agricultural land abandonment, which is expected in the EU to reach 4.2 million ha net over the period 2015-2030, bringing the total abandoned land to 5.6 million ha by 2030, the equivalent of 3% of total agricultural land. By 2030, built-up areas are expected to expand across most of the EU. While having many advantages in terms of economies of scale, the high density of both population and infrastructure in urbanized areas can also have other implications, for example: significant environmental pressure. Different types of inequalities in society are persistent and widening despite progress to address them. How can we shape a local integrated development of the EUSALP area? How can we fight the abandonment of rural areas in the Alps?

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    2022-06-04 08:00
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    2022-06-05 18:00
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