Meeting in Trento – “Young EUSALP Ambassadors”

The Italian Presidency 2022 will organize a training program for the 27 members of the YC.
At the end of the training they will become “ambassadors” of EUROPE and EUSALP in their Regions.
The Antonio Megalizzi Foundation  will be the main partner of this initiative. This Italian Foundation is dedicated to a young man from Trentino, Antonio Megalizzi, who died in December 2018 during a terrorist attack in Strasbourg. He had a passion for journalism and worked for Europhonica: a format that brings together 100 university radios and won the Charlemagne Youth Prize for the promotion of the European Community.

The training (peer to peer) will be organized in 3 Modules:
Introduction to EU history and institutions
EU’s fundamental values
How can we communicate EU and EUSALP?

Event Details
  • Start Date
    2022-06-23 14:00
  • End Date
    2022-06-24 17:00
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  • Location