Past winners

Competition 2019

At the Annual Forum in Milan the five young finalists of PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2019 presented their ideas live on stage.

The audience chose the three winners:

  • 1. Finn Wilkesmann and Mario Traunsprunger from Germany won the 1st place and 5,000 Euro for their idea to mediate close to nature overnight accommodation in the Alps with the app and website“MyCabin”.
  • 2. Sofia Farina and Nicolas Rodigari from Italy propose to launch the complementary local currency “Edelweiss” in the Alpine Region to support the local economy. They received the 2nd place and 3,000 Euro.
  • 3. Alice Alcaini, Riccardo Omacini and Stefano Trapletti won the 3rd prize and 2,000 Euro. Their project “Don’t Drain Out Your Alps” wants to reduce hydrogeological risks with the help of terraces with dry-stone walls that collect and re-use rainwater.

The prizes were handed over by Jean-Pierre Halkin from the European Commission and the President of the French region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Marie-Marguerite Dufay.
PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2019 was organized by the European Commission, the Land Tirol and the Italian EUSALP Presidency as part of “youth.shaping.EUSALP”. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to not miss the opportunity to pitch your idea in France 2020!

Competition 2018

The five finalists of PITCH YOUR PROJECT 2018 convinced the audience of the Annual Forum in Innsbruck with their ideas.

Around 50 young people aged between 16 and 25 responded to the call and in total, 17 project applications were submitted. A jury consisting of members of the European Commission, the EUSALP Executive Board, the EUSALP Tyrolean Presidency and the Alpine Convention, selected the finalists for the pitch session, which took place on 21 November at the EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck.

The audience chose the three winners:

  • 1. ``Alpine Ticket Network Meeting“
  • The members of the CIPRA Youth Council are dedicated to the main topic of the Tyrolean Presidency: mobility. Their aim is to develop a joint solution for public transport in the Alpine Region that will enable cross-border travel with just one ticket at an affordable price. In order to change the travel habits of the young population in particular, the project group believes that an inexpensive and practical alternative to cars and planes is urgently needed. A network meeting should bring together the main stakeholders. By enabling the individual interest groups and decision-makers to enter into dialogue and express their views, the basis is to be created for raising awareness of this huge project concerning seven countries.
  • 2. ``Beehave“
  • The ``Beehave`` project led by two young Italians aims to combine economic effectiveness and bees protection, as they are now particularly endangered in the Alpine Region. Sensors on the beehive will continuously measure temperature and humidity, in order to monitor the environmental quality and health of the bees. An application plays the data out to the beekeeper, who can then react more quickly and take further measures to improve the honey production. This also helps scientists to identify environmental changes and, by monitoring the sensitive bee population, to react to them at an earlier stage.
  • 3. ``Magical Alps“
  • The youngest pitchers are 16 years old. With their project ``Magical Alps`` an entire school class from Austria invites us to explore legends and myths of the Alpine Region in the European Year of Cultural Heritage. As collective memories, stories help to shape the cultural identity of the Alpine countries. The pupils look into the similarities between different national narratives, which mostly interweave fiction and reality. They examine ethical, moral, social, scenic and natural aspects of the legends and myths. Their collection of narratives is to be accessible in various media forms, which will ultimately be presented on a website. This will serve as an exchange with other schools and residents and open up opportunities for interested people to visit mystical places themselves.