Dominik Jakšič

“Although (or maybe because of that) I am working as freelance composer, my interest for music is the same as my interest for flying, nature and photography. Currently I am obtaining glider pilot license. I have participated in the GreenLight WorldFlight as a member of the team that supported Matevz Lenarcic in the flights with microlight aircraft when measuring black carbon. I have strong desire to inspire other people to care for our planet and the Alps are part of it – and, even more important, the Alps are the lungs of Europe. In the next year I will launch a project: to fly from Wien to Monaco in a glider, just with the power of nature, in one day. There is for sure that other ways of transport are possible – and gliding could be one of them. I have a love for Alps: for culture, nature beauties, … and have a wide perspective on how to deal with some issues.”

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