10 reasons why you should participate in “Pitch Your Project 2021”

The European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) organizes since 2018 a project competition for the young people aged 16 to 25 living in the Alpine Region, called “Pitch Your Project“.

The application period has already started and we give you 10 good reasons to participate by proposing a project idea:

1. It's a good learning experience

By applying to pitch your project you will learn how to present your project in a few pages and in a few minutes. Being able to present your ideas clearly and quickly is often important to capture the attention of a potential partner or funder. You will also learn how to communicate with representatives of regions and companies in the Alpine region.

2. Get your voice heard

The Pitch Your Project competition is a good way to show that young people’s ideas are totally reliable to propose solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. The 5 finalist projects defend their ideas in front of an international audience of political representatives, NGOs and companies from the 7 countries of the Alpine region.

3. Get a first financial help for your project

By participating you can be part of the 5 finalists of the competition and therefore win between 5000 and 3000 euros to start the implementation of your project.

4. You'll get to discover the EUSALP

It is not always easy to understand the macro-regional cooperation strategies of the European Commission. We agree that the name is a bit too long and complex, but believe us it is easier to understand once you meet the people who are involved throughout the year. Through “Pitch Your Project”, you will have the opportunity to participate in the EUSALP annual forum and also meet the members of the EUSALP Youth Council.

5. You meet a lot of cool people

It’s not us who said it but Nicolas, finalist of the 2019 edition with the project Edelweiss. He is a sincere person so it came from his heart. Looking back, it’s true that all the finalists of the last editions are inspiring young people and really determined to act to preserve the alpine region.

6. Your project will become more concrete

Just preparing an application for the competition will allow you to take stock of your project idea and make it more and more concrete. It is also an opportunity to be evaluated by an experienced jury composed of a variety of profiles.

7. You'll get a chance to travel to Nice

Each year the finale takes place in a different city in the Alpine region during the EUSALP annual forum. This year it will be where the Alps reach the Mediterranean Sea, and some of the candidates will be invited to Nice to attend the final and the EUSALP Action Groups workshops.

8. You'll find a lot of support by the EUSALP partners

Beyond the financial aspect of the awards for the first 3 projects of the final, “Pitch Your Project” is also the opportunity to meet partners who could advise you and encourage you in your project. Even after the final, projects will be invited to participate in EUSALP events related to their projects.

9. You'll feel proud of yourself and of your teammates

This kind of experience makes you feel proud of your commitment. Whether you are alone or in a team, the support of your family, your friends, your teachers, the strangers who participate in the final will only give you that nice feeling of one who goes after his ideas. “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”, as Gandhi said.

10. Because the Alpine region needs your ideas

There are many solutions to be found to meet the current climatic, human and economic challenges. Young people need to be involved and supported in the proposals that are being made today so that they can take full ownership of them tomorrow.

We convinced you!

All information is available on this website. You can also contact us if you have any questions.