AlpTick team members have a deal for you!

Do you remember the AlpTick project? They won the first edition of Pitch Your Project in 2018. Their idea is to have one ticket for all public transport in the whole Alpine region. The CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) keep working towards their goal and this is getting them one step closer. This year, travellers to Switzerland will be the first to experience their mini AlpTick creation.

This summer in Switzerland, make the most of your interrail pass!

You can find all the information about this special below. Don’t hesitate to contact the Alptick team on Instagram if you have any question.


The Graubündenplus ticket is a ticket for the area of the Swiss canton of Graubünden and the border region of Italy and Austria. The ticket includes all bus routes within the canton, cross-border routes to and from Austria and Italy and the Rhäzüns – Feldis gondola.

How much?

The Graubündenplus costs CHF 22.-. It can be purchased at all Rhätische Bahn offices in Canton Graubünden (CH), and in the region of Ticino (CH). Outside of Switzerland, GraubündenPlus is purchasable at the train stations of Chievenna (IT) and Tirano (IT).


Graubündenplus is available in June, July and August 2021.


The canton of Graubünden in the east of the country is the largest canton in Switzerland in terms of area. It is home to the Swiss National Park. The canton has a well-developed public passenger transport system, which makes Graubünden one of the key transport hubs in the Alps. This has also been recognised by UNESCO, which has included some of the railways in its list of World Heritage Sites. Among them is the Bernina Express, one of the most attractive railway routes in the world. It takes you from the heart of the region to Italy, which is also part of the Graubündenplus. In North Tyrol, you’ll enjoy hillwalking in the Dolomites, while in Lombardy you can relax in the great glacial lakes of Como and Maggiore. Graubündenplus also takes you to the Austrian Tyrol.


The ticket is for young travellers up to 27 years of age. To use the ticket you need a Global or Swiss Interrail or Euraill Pass. The Graubündenplus is valid on days when the traveller uses the Interrail pass.


Graubündenplus is an ”add-on” option for Interrail passes. To use the ticket you must have a one Country Pass (in this case Swiss Pass) or Interrail Global Pass or Eurrail Pass. Graubündenplus is valid on days when the traveller uses an Interrail pass.