A EUSALP Youth Council member participates in a mobility hackathon!

This week, Maxime Bernard, member of the EUSALP youth council, took part in a hackathon to create the “transport ticket of tomorrow”, which was held during the forum of the “Agence de l’Innovation pour les Transports” , at the Cité des sciences et de l’Industrie, on February 7 and 8, 2023.

The French Minister of Transport, Mr. Clément BEAUNE, launched a hackathon to mobilize all French stakeholders to develop a concrete solution to implement the single ticket and thus simplify travel on all territories and transport networks in France. An idea that could also be useful in the Alpine region.

Within the framework of the projects of the thematic group 2 on the youth council, which concerns mobility, the members wish to bring solutions to the Alpine regions to improve accessibility and the mobility offer in the Alps. It is with the objective of collecting ideas and understanding the levers of action on this theme that Maxime participated in this event.

The participants were divided into ten teams representing the whole transport ecosystem. They were mobilized to remove the technical obstacles in order to design a single transport ticket: mobility organizing authorities, transport operators, ticketing solution and digital service application publishers, design offices, users’ representatives and students.

What about a single ticket for the alpine region?

The introduction of a single ticket on a national scale is being developed in several European countries. It is a system that works on a large scale and facilitates the daily life of users. It simplifies and encourages access to public transport, which is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the private car.

At the Alpine level, the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) had already initiated the idea during the first edition of the pitch your project competition in 2018. With their project Alptick, they had pitched the idea of creating a single train ticket for the Alpine region. This offer would be aimed at young people who want to travel in the Alps.

The Alptick project had also helped to set up YOALIN. Today, YOALIN still allows young people to discover the Alps by train every summer.

The members of the youth council of CIPRA and EUSALP are motivated to continue working on this idea. Instead of going their own way, they have decided to organize mutual meetings to share the results and next steps of this ambitious but possible project.