Young people speak out for the Alpine Region!

In 2020, the AlpWeeek event should have taken place in Nice during the closing session of the French presidency of EUSALP. 2021 offers an opportunity to look back at this event in 2020, during which young people voiced their growing concerns about the climate emergency in the Alps.

Questions relating to the future of young people in the Alps, as well as their involvement in policies such as the Alpine Macro-Regional Strategy and the Alpine Convention, were important issues for the AlpWeek organisers.

Three main topics were debated on a basis of agreement / disagreement with young people’s positions, which were presented in the first half of the joint online session, using the question “What should be done to improve quality of life in the Alps?”:

  • Promoting local action to help tackle climate change
  • The Alps: a future fit to live in
  • Mobility

Two years on, this impetus and these words still resonate. We felt it important to share them with you once again. Every day that passes, these words become more important and more urgent. Let’s make sure they are heard! And that action is taken. Let’s chart this new course that young people are imploring us all to take.

Read the messages of several committed youth:

Read the full version of the 2 editions of AlpWeek Journal: