AlpPlan Summer Course 2023 – Apply now !

The ARL is an independent, non-partisan institution for the spatial sciences under public law and is based in Hanover. As a Leibniz institution, it is funded jointly by the Federal Government and the federal states due to its supraregional significance and its work in the interest of national science policy. The specific working method of the ARL, which is transdisciplinary and network-based, allows for close collaboration and a wide-ranging exchange of ideas and knowledge between members of the academic community and planning practitioners.


The AlpPlan Summer course called “Mountains of Opportunities: A Summer Course for Young Professionals and Students on Spatial Planning and Territorial Governance on the Fringe of Mountain Areas” is a program that offers students the opportunity to discuss together with local experts, the different aspects of spatial development and related governance approaches. It encompasses presentations, workshops/interactive working groups and field trips including meetings and discussions with local experts. Several focus topics will be discussed, e.g.:

  • Climate change adaptation through Agroforestry
  • Tourism management
  • Balancing renewable energy production, biodiversity and agriculture through Agrivoltaics
  • Ways to achieve the goal of net-zero land take

This course will take place in Avignon in south of France between July 1st to 4th.

The course is targeted at young professionals from various disciplines (e.g. public spatial planning or conservation administrations; private planning offices) as well as (PhD-) students from related academic fields (e.g. spatial planning, geography, landscape ecology, landscape architecture, political science, nature conservation etc.).

If you are interested in pursuing a career in environmental management or sustainable development, this course could be an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in these areas. Additionally, studying in a multicultural and diverse environment can help you develop intercultural communication skills and broaden your perspective.

Finally, participating in the AlpPlan Summer course 2023 may also provide you with opportunities to network with professionals and peers in your field, which could help you build relationships and advance your career.

For any questions about the course and the application procedure, please contact: