Become a YOALINER!

Traveling to the Alps! It is certain that for more than a year we have all been secretly dreaming about it in a corner of our head! Stuck at home, the frequent travellers who used to consider a real trip in relation to the distance from their homes, have found themselves disoriented. Because of all these health restrictions, we have learned to travel differently, in smaller areas, in known places and for shorter periods. That’s how some people realised that there is so much to discover within the ordinary.

Through the YOALIN project, a group of young people from the CIPRA youth council wanted to promote this form of tourism: more sustainable, slower in many ways, more spontaneous and more free. That, even before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we call it visionary!

This summer the third edition of this amazing project will allow 100 young people from the Alps to travel with a low ecological impact through the Alpine Region.

(c) Yoalin, Nejc Kavka

How to describe YOALIN?

First thing to say, it’s a nickname for “Youth Alpine Interrail”. But more precisely, it’s a one month adventure by train, bus or boat through the Alps. It’s a lot of new encounters, trains, hikes, photos, love for nature and memories. It is the opportunity to travel differently, reducing the carbon footprint of it, trying to reduce its waste, promoting the consumption of local products and raising awareness of the challenges related to climate change in the Alps. It’s taking advantage of this experience to meet a lot of inspiring and welcoming young people, who will let you discover their place of living, thanks to the YOALIN ambassador network. And it’s so much more that belongs to you and only you!

How it works?

If you are between 18-27 years old, live in the Alps and are sensitive to environmental issues then you can apply.
Then the selection will be based on the number of times you have been to the moon, just kidding. A jury will read each application and according to your motivations and the respect of a certain balance between countries, ages and genders of the candidates you will be selected. Only 100 YOALIN tickets will be delivered.

Best thing to do now is to visit the YOALIN official website

Yoalin is a project of the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA in cooperation with the CIPRA Youth Council CYC. It is made possible by the contracting parties to the Alpine Convention: the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE, the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Liechtenstein Office for the Environment, Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the Slovenian Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning.