Make your voice heard during the EUSALP Annual Forum

Young Alpine people are committed to a climate-resilient Alpine Region

We would like to invite you to an important opportunity to share your views on the climate emergency, in particular concerning the situation in the Alps. This during an online session called “Young alpine citizens are committed to a climate-resilient Alpine region” which will happen on December 10th from 1:00 to 3:15 p.m. This session is jointly organised by the Alpine Convention, the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) and the AlpWeek partners (a group of NGOs and networks of Alpine organisations dedicated to sustainable development in the Alps). 

This session will include different parts, amongst which the final of Pitch Your Project, the award ceremony of the Photo Contest of the Alpine Convention, the presentation of the European Commission’s Youth Manifesto and also a slot for a dialogue between generations. 

As climate and youth are among the priorities of the French presidencies of EUSALP and the Alpine Convention, and as the 2020 highlight events of these two presidencies are scheduled on the same day, the AlpWeek organisation committee proposed an open dialogue between young people involved in different projects or groups in the Alpine space and the members of the EUSALP and Alpine Convention delegations.

"The aim is to create bridges between people who contribute to decision making processes and young people in the Alps. But most importantly, we want to give young people a platform to voice their opinions, ideas and expectations, in particular in the frame of European cooperation programmes and institutions." - say the moderators Claire Simon and Luisa Deubzer.

For this time slot, we are looking for young alpine citizens willing to contribute a statement in response to one (or several) of the questions below:

  • How do you feel about the climate emergency?
  • How do you contribute to face the climate emergency?
  • What do you expect from international cooperation frameworks such as EUSALP and Alpine Convention (orother decision makers) to help you and other young citizens to realise your actions?
  • What do you miss the most in the current way decision makers face the climate emergency?
  • Do you feel taken seriously by decision makers in your engagement to face the climate emergency?
  • Do you feel there is a change in the way decision makers deal with the climate emergency?
  • What are you frustrated about when you observe climate policies and action plans?
  • Which role do you think international cooperation should play to address the climate emergency?
  • What role can (young) citizens play to face the climate emergency?
  • What are your feelings about the Youth Manifesto of the European Commission?
  • If you had the power to govern Europe for one day, what would be the first measure you implement to tackle the climate crisis?
  • What are your visions for the future of mobility in the Alps? (Any ideas, big or small!)
  • Why should the EU care more about the climate emergency?
  • Land use for renewables vs fossil fuels. What is your view on the challenges an energy transition brings for the Alps?
  • In which sector do you think it would be most important to act to reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Where would you like to see the Alps in 30 years? Paint a picture.
  • What measures and trends in the job world would you need in order to lead a sustainable life in the Alps?
  • What should be done at local level?

It is a valuable opportunity to make your voice heard.

You can make your statement in French, Italian, Slovene, German or English. After you have made your statement, break-out sessions are foreseen to discuss your statements with other young participants and EU representatives.

If you, or another person of your group would be willing to contribute a statement in this session, please fill in the table by clicking on the button below. We will then get back to you on the 4th or on the 7th to confirm and discuss your contribution with you.

You are of course welcome to participate in this session without doing a statement and by joining the breakout discussions which will be following, and by posting additional statements in the chat. We will produce a written documentation of the event, including your contributions. 

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