Ludovic Kasperski

“Since my childhood in France I have a strong connection to nature which increased through the practise of summer and winter sports in mountains.
By passion for sports and for ecology I became Mountain Leader in the Czech Republic to stand as a professional to share mountain’s wonders but also in order to preserve it as best as I could. I believe that mountain’s wilderness are a way to make humans connected again to nature through amazement.
I also feel responsible to act against climate change; I focus on awareness raising about it, but also about biodiversity, to make people have a more sustainable way of life to preserve natural environments.
Through my professional activities and various locations in Europe, I gained a good knowledge of the alpine countries as well as a systemic perspective of today’s society and I would like to make these skills and knowledges useful for the alpine region’s further development mainly for its key role for biodiversity and resources-provider for the society.”