Ramona Salzgeber

“Environmental challenges and sustainable solutions are topics that I have always been passionate about. Having grown up on the countryside and having studied in a big city, I know about the significance of having an intact eco-system and a safe haven for fauna and flora.

One great advantage we have nowadays is to use digitalisation when it comes to tackling climate change. As a digital native and having worked with different technologies in my past, I truly believe that an impact can be created by these modern means. Working in teams always fosters new perspectives and helps us getting new ideas on what to do.

In my opinion, both, the solution for climate change and todays digitalisation, go hand in hand. We need to seek the potential what digital projects can offer us in the process of tackling climate change. Therefore, I would love to be part of the EUSALP youth council and help create a brighter future for all of us!”

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