Tinkara Matičič

“I am and always have been very interested in politics, especially youth politics. Therefore, I try to fill my free time with activities that I enjoy but also have the intention on making a change in the world. I have been a president of my class for 9 years now, even though I changed 3 schools in this time. I have also been the president of my elementary student council for two years. I have been a member of my school’s Model United Nations club for three years now where I actively participated in many conferences around the Europe, both online and in person. This year, I became the mentor of our club where I ‘teach’ other students about politics, UN, about expressing your opinion, etc. Our meetings are my favourite activity in the week because I enjoy participating in debates so much. I am also a vice-president of our local Interact club (Rotary sponsored club) and in June, I am getting promoted to president. I believe that this position gave me great leadership skills, I organised a few events which gave me amazing organisation skills and of course I am a part of a community which works towards making this world a better place, which is the most important thing for me. And I am also a member of European Youth Parliament and my country’s National Student organisation, in particular of International Relations committee.

I think my contribution to these organisations and clubs proves that I enjoy investing my time in debating about important topics and focusing on making lives of the youth easier. I believe that every one of us has many ideas, thoughts, opinions and we sometimes don’t get heard enough. I myself have so many great ideas that would lead to positive changes in our environment and I want to share them with other like-minded individuals. If I get selected for this position I will give it my best and enjoy every minute of it.”

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