Many opportunities of Summer Camps for youth in the Alpine region.

The EUSALP Youth project will not be organizing summer camps in 2023. However, we fully support such initiatives in the Alpine region. This format of youth involvement is very suitable to raise awareness on various topics. In the Alpine region the impact of global warming is important, field activities in the middle of the mountains allow to better understand the situation and to feed the reflexion of young people. The Alpine region is also facing many challenges related to tourism, agriculture, research, mobility or industry and these summer camps are a good opportunity to learn about these issues.
For EUSALP Youth we are actively working to organize summer camps in 2024. Camps that will be linked to the activities of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region.

Here is a list of summer camps that will take place in the French Alps.

Cipra France participates in Via Alpina Youth, a project led by CIPRA International in partnership with the national committees on the basis of Erasmus+ funding.

The objective is to democratize access to the mountains and more particularly to the Via Alpina for young people. To do this, they invite them to participate in discovery outings of sustainability initiatives along the trail. Topics such as wilderness camping, environmental protection or climate change are also addressed.

CIPRA France plays an important role in the realization of an action that focuses on good practices around the bivouac. In partnership with CIPRA Germany, they are organising a camp from 2 to 4 June 2023 in the Vanoise National Park with about 20 young people aged 18 to 29.

There are also opportunities with the European Commission.
You have to look at the dates that interest you and also the countries… Sometimes the easiest way is to contact the information number.