Julian Bitsche

I would like to be part of a motivated team from exactly the same reason why I am involved as an International Officer and Deputy Provincial Chairman of the JVP Vorarlberg: I want to influence the future of Europe, the future of our homeland. I want to be able to say later with a clear conscience that I have done my best to prepare our homeland for future challenges. I want to address problems in Europe, but equally I want to work with a great team to develop and implement solutions to these problems. The responsibility towards the generations after us drives me and motivates me to get involved as part of the EUSALP Youth Council. In addition to my task as a student and deputy chairman of the JVP Vorarlberg, I am allowed to be a European councillor in my home municipality Nüziders and try to make the EU more tangible in my community. Thus I can claim that I am a European through and through.

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