Timothy Sung

“While living in Tamsweg, I became aware of the challenges and opportunities facing young people in the rural Alpine Lungau. Thus, I realised that many topics addressed by EUSALP are salient issues important to young people here. Being so close to nature means local youths value it and a voice must be given to the protection of the Alps’ endemic species and glacial relics so others can also appreciate nature in the future. One key struggle in areas like Tamsweg is mobility. More efficient and green forms of public transport are not just needed to combat climate change and car-usage, but also to allow young people the chance to expand their horizons and explore their region and the Alps’ cultural diversity, strengthening their affinity to the area. These issues are key to the Alps’ future vitality. In this respect, I believe that I can help constructively shape the discussion and raise awareness on rural Alpine issues, local and regionally, contributing to a more resilient Alpine region.”

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