Sophie Sögner

After having visited the Alpine region in Austria a few years ago, I felt very connected to the nature and was amazed by the beauty the landscape had to offer. Through this experience I gained a new mindset. While I have always wanted to explore the world (and that still has not changed), I started to appreciate the nature surrounding me.

Afterwards, I decided to pursue my studies in Environmental and Bio-Resources Management. This is where I started to understand the urgency to protect the Alpine region and its inhabitants.

Another amazing experience was being part of yoalin in 2019. I travelled through Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland and had an incredible time learning how diverse and how inviting the Alpine region and people can be.

Lastly, I have been participating in the workshops of youth.shaping.EUSALP since last October. Through these workshops I have felt motivated to continue this project and I would be very excited to be part of the Youth Council.